Giving Back

Mini Escape Goat was originally created with the intention of supporting local community non-profits.
Check out the "Strong As Hell" Popsocket - all funds raised from this product are given to the Ottawa Empow(Her) Network!
Each year, an annual donation is made to the Distress Centre of Ottawa representing 10% of all sales!
Mini Escape Goat - 10Percent Donated

Past Donations

$450 in 2019

$350 in 2018                             $360 in 2017

Distress Centre of Ottawa & Region

We are the people who are here 24/7 to answer calls from those who are reaching out for help. Regardless of their issue, individuals are welcome to call our confidential, non-judgmental and open-minded telephone lines to talk about what they're facing in their lives. Sometimes, callers have simple questions or they may be in a mental health crisis that requires more attention. No matter what the nature of each call might be, the Distress Centre has approximately 200 volunteers answering over 54,000 calls a year, thus providing an integral, important and vital service in our community.