French Archie Comics Set

French Archie Comics Set

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Got my hands on some old French Archie Comics, so I felt the need to make some buttons out of it!

Vous recevrez une assortement des boutons avec la texte en francais! Je vais assurez que toutes les boutons ont les images et le texte.
Je pense qu'ils sont Quebecois, mais je ne sais pas. Peut-etre-ils viennent du France.

Je m'excuse ma Francais n'est pas tres bien. Et je ne peut pas trouve les accents dont j'ai besoin...
Francais Francophone Quebec France Betty Veronica Jughead

Buttons are awesome to use for so many different things! They’re great party favours, rewards, stocking-stuffers, pin it on your purse, backpack, hat, etc! They’re even great as promotional materials, to hand out at conferences, conventions, special events, weddings, etc.

* Each button image is printed by a color laser printer on premium white paper
* They are then hand pressed with a professional grade button machine
* They even have a Mylar cover to protect the button and keep it water resistant (but, it’s not water proof)

Do you want to get a special order? Want to mix and match some things? Just let me know!

JUST A NOTE: color display can vary slightly from one computer monitor to another. For that reason, the color of the actual pin may vary slightly from the color you see on the monitor you are using.

ALSO: Buttons are considered small items and may potentially become a choking hazard and also contain sharp points or strong magnets. Please do not leave children unattended around these items.

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